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The Urban and The Mystic

Smudge Bundle

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Ancient cultures and indigenous peoples have long used the powerful and beautiful practice of smudging to heal, protect and call in good energy. 

Sage is heavy duty cleanser used to clear out and purify all energies.  It's also a very powerful disinfectant as it has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties in it. Sage purists recommend burning one leaf at a time, but you can burn the whole bundle. 

Palo Santo is more of a gentle purifying. When burned it smells heavenly, from an aromatherapy standpoint it is incredibly calming and soothing and from the energetic side of things Palo Santo burns away negative energy and calls in positive healing vibes. 

Your small selenite wand offers peace, protection and is one of the most used stones for healing.  Not only does it clear you of negative energies but keeps you feeling calm, cool and collected.  It's also the perfect size to keep in your bag and travel with.

Weight .3lb

Width 4in

Height 1.5in

Depth 2.5in

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