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Salt & Stone

Hydrating Facial Lotion

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A fragrance-free, lightweight moisturizing lotion fortified with Squalane, Ginger Root, and Banana Extract to rapidly absorb and provide instant hydration.

Proudly sustainable. Salt & Stone products are manufactured by renewable solar and hydroelectric energy. All of the packing is recyclable and made from a combination of ocean plastic and post consumer recycled materials. 

Squalane locks in weightless moisture, calms and protects, improves elasticity. Balances oil production without clogging pores. Ginger Root is one of the best known botanicals since ancient times. Has excellent anti-aging properties due to its ability to inhibit collagen degradation. It allows the maintenance of protein levels in the dermis and skin flexibility. While Banana Extract is rich in potassium and moisture, hydrates and moisturizes dry skin, Vitamin A in banana restores moisture, smoothens out rough texture and heals dry, parched skin.

HOW TO USE: Apply with smooth, upward and outward motions, working from the centre of the face, neck and décolletage. Gently press in to enhance absorption and hydration. Suitable for all skin types. Alternatively, blend with Salt & Stone facial oil to intensify hydration. KEY INGREDIENTS: Squalane, Ginger Root, Banana Extract

1.7 FL OZ

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