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The Urban and The Mystic

Founders Sydney Holland and Courtney Abbiati credit crystals for helping them with everything from conceiving children to attaining financial success. Indeed, the healing and inspiring properties of crystals have been touted by today’s entertainment industry power players like Victoria Beckham, Adele and Kim Kardashian-West. In 2018, friends and Angelenos Holland and Abbiati launched The Urban + The Mystic as a website to sell their carefully curated boxes of hand-selected precious stones, candles and other accessories that simplified the often difficult-to-navigate choices surrounding mystical healing. Their boxes continue to cull the best pieces to assist with a variety of issues, from blessing a new home to surviving the holidays to female empowerment. Furthermore, their loose crystals have been sourced from the finest mines and have been chosen for their powerful energies as well as their ornamental beauty. 

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