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The brand Striiike has three “i’s,” one for each of the founders, the Streicher sisters, who have different specialties. Makeup artist Jenn has long been helping Hollywood stars like Emily Blunt and Anne Hathaway get ready for red carpets and photo shoots; Kristie is the go-to in L.A. for her signature feathered brows; and Ashley’s coveted hairstyling is sought for modern braids and natural waves. At the Beverly Hills outpost, they offer a full set of services as well as a curated selection of beauty supplies, tools and all-around favorite things. Regardless of what you come in for, it’s hard to leave without picking up the Striiike Essentials Grooming Kit. Developed by Kristie, it features a sleek grained-leather case with handmade gold tweezers and scissors from Swiss company Rubis; Kristie’s selection for the perfect brow brush (not too firm or too soft); and exclusive tutorials to help users maintain their own perfectly feathered brows. 

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