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ROE Caviar

ROE Caviar launched in 2015, it set out to make a white sturgeon caviar that could be enjoyed not only on special occasions but on any occasion, taking the pretense out of the delicacy. (Highly Recommended: a spoonful atop a potato chip.) Buttery with briny and nutty undertones, the native, sustainably farmed, single-origin caviar is salted for one month at its Northern California farm to help enrich its flavor. Beautifully packaged — and available in gift sets with mother-of-pearl spoons — the caviar is not only a festive treat, but also carries a range of health benefits, as it’s rich in protein, omega-3s, fatty acids, calcium, magnesium and iron, and has even been known to help with depression. 
Roe Gift Set - Studio C

ROE Caviar

Roe Gift Set
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