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As the granddaughter of Irving Morse — the pharmacologist who purchased the original Kiehl’s store and brand in 1921 and is credited for developing several of its most notable products — Jami Morse Heidegger grew up surrounded by skincare, eventually running the iconic brand with her husband, Klaus, until they sold it in 2000 to L'Oréal. Looking to start a new chapter in her life, and on the hunt for skincare remedies targeted to those aged 40 and up, Heidegger spent 15 years perfecting the formulas for her skincare line Retrouvé, which started out as a no-expense-spared line for her own use but has since been propelled to elite cult-favorite status. Products carry high-octane antiaging ingredients, many of which are sourced directly from Heidegger’s Malibu property and carefully combined to yield superb results. For instance, white tea, apple stem cells, and vitamins C and E promote collagen production, while vacuum technology and light-resistant Italian glass bottles help protect the formulas against oxidation, ensuring they’re always at maximum potency. The unisex collection is carefully curated to offer face serums, moisturizers and a cleansing elixir, making the skincare line not only high-performing, but also easy to navigate. 

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