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Régime des Fleurs

Art, culture, film, fashion and flowers are the foundation of this boutique-luxe perfume brand, founded by two L.A. friends, Alia Raza and Ezra Woods. When Raza, a video artist and filmmaker, first met Woods, a fashion stylist, they instantly connected over olfactory references and a love of flowers. Together, they decided to collaborate on their own line, Régime des Fleurs, which launched in 2014 with its Fait Main collection of handmade, high-concept fragrances crafted from raw ingredients and packaged in hand-painted custom bottles. In 2016, they added eaux de parfums, such as Glass Blooms (riesling grape, muguet, tea rose, peony and ylang ylang) and Willows (white pepper, carrot seed, mimosa, orris root, rye and violet), as well as candles that reference 18th-century France and 500 B.C. Gandhara. Their most vibrant collection to date launched in 2018, with the Personal/Space range of fragrances for skin, hair and atmosphere, all packaged in brightly hued bottles.

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