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Perfumera Curandera

The fragrances from Perfumera Curandera are as much about having a signature scent as they are about alchemy and healing with nature’s aromatics (the brand’s Spanish name directly translates to “woman who heals with fragrant plants”). London-born, Malibu-based founder Leanne Hirsh — formerly a makeup artist with an established career working for Vogue, Bazaar, Allure and The New York Times — spent 25 years traveling with her Peruvian husband and shamans to learn about healing plants. She then sourced the best roots, florals, cacao beans, Andean mint, palo santo, sage, juniper berries, plumeria and tuberose from such wide-ranging locales as the jungles of Peru and the volcanic shores of Hawaii. Each perfume is created by hand in small batches with “intention, magic, prayers and sacred smoke,” and the blends feature a variety of benefits, from dispelling negative energy to attracting abundance, love and luck.

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