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Ever since Hoorsenbuhs launched its iconic Phantom ring in 2005, the brand has had enduring success for its immediately recognizable elongated rings that recall a bridle bit. Available in a variety of metals (18-karat gold, rose gold and sterling silver), and with and without diamonds, the now iconic rings were snapped up by early clients like Rihanna and David Beckham. An expanded jewelry line (necklaces, earrings, wallet chains, bracelets and more) followed, and the brand continues to evolve. From its Santa Monica headquarters — with 1,500 square feet of retail, 3,500 square feet of studio space, and a 3,000-square-foot rooftop deck for entertaining and collaborating — founder and creative chief Robert G. Keith and brand director and partner Kether Parker have been pushing the brand’s boundaries. They’ve also branched out to offer eyewear with the help of veteran designer Austin Sands (co-founder of Shamballa Eyewear), designing contemporary frames handcrafted in Japan and embellished with Hoorsenbuhs hardware. A big year for the brand, 2019 also saw the launch of unisex ready-to-wear with streetwear-chic T-shirts, sweatshirts, board shorts and jackets, as well as sweaters, flannel shirts and throw blankets, all made from cashmere.

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