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Whether they remind you of summers at your grandmother’s house in the Valley, the romantic private estates of Santa Barbara, or the first time you discovered what would become your signature fragrance, gardenias are inherently nostalgic, emitting an aroma far sweeter and more intoxicating than its delicate white blooms suggest. High Camp Supply founder Susan Hanson has recognized their charm and launched the only boutique company able to ship the temperamental flower en masse. From her coastal valley farm in California, Hanson and her team create an array of gardenia gifts: cylindrical vases carrying the flowers, deluxe gift boxes with more than 30 on-vine blooms and buds, and event boxes with 100 gardenias — ready for tablescapes, floral installations or floating arrangements. In addition to mastering the art of shipping these stems, she’s also created a signature candle reminiscent of the scent, with hints of palo santo. 

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