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Henry Rose

The fragrance world is notorious for being shrouded in mystery, as this unregulated sector of the beauty industry allows for a bevy of carcinogens and endocrine disruptors to find their way into formulas. After actor Michelle Pfeiffer gave birth to her first child and became more aware of the potential toxins to which she was exposing herself — and her growing family — she founded Henry Rose perfume, which adheres to the strict standards of the Environmental Working Group. While most fragrance houses cull from a catalog of about 3,000 ingredients, only 300 of those are EWG Verified. Pfeiffer worked with master perfumers Pascal Gaurin and Yves Cassar from the IFF fragrance house to create a collection of five perfumes formulated from that limited list. The resulting scents range from the smooth Last Light (floral notes with musk and patchouli) to the sensual Dark Is Night (a melange of woodiness and vanilla). Each bottle is made from 90-percent recycled glass with caps created from sustainably sourced and commercially compostable soy. Additionally, the brand gives a portion of proceeds to Heifer International, which helps farming families in Haiti.
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