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Flamingo Estate Organics

Built by a pair of entrepreneurs in the 1940s, the iconic flamingo pink estate situated high in the Hollywood Hills has a storied past: Over the course of decades it served as the headquarters for an erotic film company, a creative retreat for artists, a pirate radio station, a publishing house, a political center and a cultural hub. In 2016, the home’s current owner, Chandelier Creative founder Richard Christiansen, enlisted famed Paris-based Studio KO (recognized for their Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakech) to restore it, adding architectural elements as well as work from artists like David Hockney, Ken Done and Andy Warhol. The gardens have been rebirthed by Arnaud Casaus, who added more than 150 new plant species — many of which are used to help inspire the estate’s Flamingo Estate Organics line of scented candles and hand soaps in fragrances like Roma Heirloom Tomato, Tuscan Rosemary and Adriatic Muscatel Sage.

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