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Firestone Sisters

Sisters Mary and Lucy Firestone's journey to happiness and fulfillment has been a slow and conscious evolution. Having grown up on the East Coast in a competitive environment that demanded “polite perfection,” they were saddled with expectations of achievement that weighed heavily on them from a young age. Eager to satisfy their creative spirits, they moved to California while in their early 20s to work in the film industry — Mary in front of the camera and Lucy behind it. But escaping from the frosty Northeast to California wasn't enough to help them find happiness. Feeling unfulfilled, paralyzed by anxiety and powerless, the sisters longed for self-actualization and sought happiness and freedom from painful disappointments in their pasts. They started with traditional talk therapy but soon began exploring different modalities, opening themselves to new methods of healing. As sisters, they've always supported each other, held each other accountable, and celebrated together. But they realized not everyone has a sister to rely on. They founded Firestone Sisters and their fragrance line, Wild Precious Life, to be catalysts to help others find, live and spread their own happiness.

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