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Corpus Naturals

With 20 years in the personal care industry, Jean-Pierre Mastey has gathered an array of expertise in brand development. He successfully owned and operated the men’s line Baxter of California before selling it to L’Oréal in 2013. Then, after a brief break from skincare, he decided to launch a totally natural, effective deodorant that met the expectations of a fine fragrance, with offerings like California (sea salt, bergamot, white musk and jasmine) and Third Rose (rose, Italian mandarin, violet and cedar root). Although he had expected to spend four to six months in research and development, Mastey took more than 18 months to perfect the concept, launching Corpus in 2018. The extra time allowed him to build the complex fragrances using resins, distillates, concretes and extracts, and zero synthetics. Every detail from the user experience is carefully considered, from the packaging — done in factories powered by hydroelectric energy — to the custom box in the perfect tone of green. The deodorant itself is made in Southern California in a solar-powered factory, keeping in line with the brand's reputation as “the new guard of natural," according to Mastey.

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